Reno family stuggles with child’s severe skin disease

My NPR story I did at the begining of summer while participating in the NPR Next Generation Radio Bootcamp at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Next Generation Radio

Jose Gastellum says ever since his son was born, he hasn’t looked like a normal child.

“Like a week, I don’t know, maybe few days he started to get worse. We didn’t know what had happened because his forehead got very ugly, his cheeks had some lumps,” Gastellum said.

Four –year-old Dylan Gastellum has a severe form of eczema. It covers his entire body.  His skin is dark red and scaley. It looks like a severe burn.

“Well because you cannot see him like the pretty child that you say, ‘oh my child is so pretty.’ Especially because I can’t even give him kisses on his face,” he said.

Dylan-close-3Dylan’s skin is so sensitive that any touch can cause pain. Even by rubbing his face it can make him bleed. His scabs constantly ooze.

Doctors prescribed Dylan steroid creams and pills, according to Arlene Torres, Dylan’s mom. His condition was…

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Frida Kahlo, “Her Photos” at The Nevada Museum of Art


The Nevada Museum of Art is is holding an exposition of the international renown Frida Kahlo titled “Her Photos.”

photo 1(11)

Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, known for her iconic biographic paintings had much more to reveal and this exposition get that much more personal.

This gallery is a collection of some of the more than 6,500 personal photographs and items that belonged to her and her husband/artist Diego Rivera. After Kahlo’s death in 1954 these photos were put into storage.

photo 3(9) photo 2(9)

After more than half a century from having this collection of personal memorabilia hidden from the public it now  comes to Reno, Nevada. The exposition that reveals a side of Frida Kahlo that was little-known will run through February 16th.

Amanda Horn, director of communications , of the Nevada Museum of Art lets us know every second Saturday of the month is free admission to all families and extends an invitation to the local community.


-J. Diego Zarazua

Jorge Ramos Speaks Latino Issues On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

photo 2

Jorge Ramos on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Click the above link to watch full interview.

Jorge Ramos was the guest of Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central this past Thursday, December fifth. Jorge Ramos surprised his audience with a comical side  during the interview with Jon Stewart who is recognized for his humorous and witty ways of news delivery. They spoke about the now roles of Ramos from being lead anchor for Spanish television channel Univision where he also has his weekend political show “Al Punto.” Jorge Ramos now also anchors the show “America” on the new Univision-ABC collaborated channel, Fusion, that targets an audience of millennials, especially the Latino youth.

Ramos has been part of Univision for 30 years and in his interview he spoke of the dramatic differences he sees in the importance of Latinos in politics from his journalistic experiences. With a current Hispanic Population of 55 million in the U.S. Ramos makes analytic judgements of what is needed to gain the vote of this growing community.

“One-third of the Hispanic votes are needed to get into the White House” said Jorge Ramos.

photo 3(8)

Ramos expanded his argument by saying former President Bush was the first to attempt to speak Spanish and campaign to earn the Hispanic vote, earning him 40% of Hispanic votes and making him president. President Obama won over his Hispanic votes with promises but now, now the Hispanic community is ready to see more than promises. With that said it is without doubt that the next presidential candidates will have to do much more than promises and campaigning ads in Spanish to win the necessary vote of the Hispanic community of 55 million in the U.S.

“The Declaration is clear, All Men Are Created Equal, but their are 11 million who are not being treated equal” said Jorge Ramos.

Eleven million immigrants who wait for the promises of President Obama on an immigration reform are those unequally treated men Ramos spoke about. While President Obama continues the efforts to get in agreement on an immigration reform, several years after promised, he is also the U.S. President that in his time has deported more immigrants than ever before. A total of 20 million plus undocumented people who have been torn away from their families. Government officials state these deportation have all been people with criminal records yet records show otherwise.

More than an immigration reform, the next presidential candidate with have to earn the trust on the Hispanic community in order to win their vote according to Ramos. He also strongly felt presidential candidates of Hispanic decent are present and one may just be the soon president of  the United States.

J. Diego Zarazua


Cafecito: Dolores Huerta talks “Chavez” film and the power of ‘Si Se Puede!’

Cafecito: Dolores Huerta talks “Chavez” film and the power of ‘Si Se Puede!’

NBC Latino interviews Dolores Huerta to talk about the power slogan of “Si Se Puede.” She delivers power messages for Latino communities about the needed organization to carry forth such wanted outcome of an immigration reform.

Watch Video Here.

She targets the young community who are looking to empower and help their communities. “Si Se Puede” was used to campaign by President Barack Obama as “Yes We Can.” Huerta continues to be the legendary civil right activist who accompanied Cesar Chavez.

She helped advise the upcoming film narrating the life and struggle of Cesar Chaves’ to right for civil rights of migrant workers. Film to reach U.S. theaters in the the Spring of 2014.

Huerta capitalizes on letting everyone that they are all full of power but it takes working together reach a unified goal. Because in the end “Si Se Puede.”

J. Diego Zarazua

Immigration reform fasters begin “National Days to Act, Fast and Pray”

“Understanding the struggle that my family and other families in my community face, I have the moral responsibility to do everything in my hands to make a change. If that means my body, my body it is. Anything less would mean I have failed my community, and that is a luxury I don’t have,” said Avila, Mi Familia Vota’s Arizona Coordinator.

NBC Latino

After more than three weeks of fasting, immigration activists in Washington D.C. will be joined by many around the nation as they begin the “National Days to Act, Fast and Pray,” three days of no food in hopes that Congress brings an immigration reform bill to a vote.

Three people, Eliseo Medina of Service Employees International Union; Cristian Avila of Mi Familia Vota and Dae Joong Yoon of National Korean American & Education Association, have been fasting near the U.S. Capitol and vowed to fast until they can no longer sustain.

A fourth faster, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, committed to a 40-day fast.

But beginning Sunday, activists hope the fasting goes beyond Washington D.C. in order to “create a moral force that will convince Congress that the time to act is now,” Medina, a veteran of the farmworker rights protests of…

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Opinion: ‘USA v Mexico’ frat party a big mistake

Fraternities play such a big part in University clubs and organization activites, where is the school involvement in fraternity events?
-J. Diego Zarazua

NBC Latino

This is one party you should be glad you missed. The Kappa Alpha fraternity at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia is in trouble for recently throwing a “USA vs. Mexico” party. Many fraternity members and guests donned sombreros, large fake mustaches, and border patrol costumes to get in the spirit of the event. Local station NBC12 reported on the party, which allegedly included a drinking game in which students playing “Americans” tried to catch other students portraying “illegal immigrants.”

It is unfortunate as well as offensive that such incidents continue to occur at colleges and universities. These ill-advised events reflect poorly on everyone involved, from the students to their fraternities to their schools.

On their Facebook page, Kappa Alpha’s profile proclaims, “We are gentlemen of HONOR. Do you have what it takes?” This is a question that the fraternity members should perhaps ask themselves. “Men of honor” do not…

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