Aleo Blacc is inspired by 11 million stories; stories of immigrants in America.

Singer-song writer Aloe Blacc, well known through Europe, shows his support to an immigration reform with his music. Inspired by the 11 million stories of immigrants in the United Sates he brings a known song full of meaning and a video depicting their stories.

Raised in Orange County in Southern California with a Panamanian heritage the California born signer-songwriter took his music to Europe. From being in the indie hip-hop scene in high school his single “I Need a Dollar” became international Top 10 platinum-selling single across the continent in 2010. Which is now the theme song to the HBO series How To Make it In America.

Aleo Blacc quotes “I’m really interested in creating music that can influence positive social change,” on his website’s biography page.

The purpose of his music can me viewed clearly in the new video “Wake Me Up” where most of the used actors depict their life stories. Stories of the 11 million immigrants in the U.S. who struggle for an immigration reform by the U.S. government. From those who struggle to find work on a daily basis on day labor street in Los Angeles to those young students born in the U.S. and deported along with their parents. The video narrates closely the life of Hareth Andrade who protests to help stop her fathers deportation.

Aleo Blacc’s over of the popular “Wake Me Up” song by Avicci has become a visual representation of the struggle in lives of those who currently fight of an immigration reform, a hot topic in today’s politics.

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– J. Diego Zarazua


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