Univision-ABC Channel Fusion Launches With The Initial Target Of Young Latinos

Univision is the nation’s largest Spanish-language media company. Company that decided on creating a channel delivering content to second- and third-generation Latinos whose first language is English earlier this year. This partnered with ABC who is owned by The Walt Disney Co.


ABC and Univision announced the name of their joint venture that would provide English-language news programming as “Fusion.”President Isaac Lee of Univision News said Fusion would bring together diverse cultures and give Latinos a voice in the American conversation. The network launched two week ago. Five major cable distributors  carry the channel along with AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber  making it available in millions of households nationwide.

Univision News anchor Jorge Ramos began the launch of Fusion with his show “America” om Monday October 28 at 6:57 p.m. Ramos said “we want to be in the future, and this generation is the future.” He referred to the the millennial generation, those roughly between the ages 18-34, who are the new aim of Fusion with a dominant strive for Latinos.

Issac Lee, president of Univision News  and now chief executive of Fusion stated that 20% of millennials are Latinos but while they researched the target audience for this new venture they saw that the opportunity was not just with Hispanics but with millennials.

The channel is aware that young viewers have the internet as their main source of breaking news. Fusion wants to bring humor and young energetic shows that make millennials aware of current issues and issues that apply to them.

With four million followers on the Fusion’s web page prior to its channel launch a large growth is expected as Fusion reaches all its targeted millenials.

By J. Diego Zarazua





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