Social Media Trends Help Local Immigration Reform Organizations

photo 1

The social media trend of photo challenges gave local organization, who strives for community involvement in Latino issues, a great idea to promote  immigration reform votes.

The idea originally came from Leo Murrieta,  Nevada State Director for Mi Familia Vota. The state team as a whole created the different challenge days  and worked on the picture that would be widespread on social media

“A photo challenge is something really easy for everyone to get involved in,” said Laura Martinez, Northern Nevada Coordinator for Mi Familia Vota.  “People post pictures on a daily basis either way, so why not give it a purpose? It takes less than 2 minutes to take a picture, post it, add some hashtags and call it a day.”

photo 3

(MiFamilliaVotaNV instagram photo)

Post like the above made part of the photo challenge in attempts to engage followers on the importance of immigration reform issues. Photo challenges included: What you love about America, what you would change, your town, your family, your congress representative and finally a picture calling the state representative asking for a vote on immigration reform.

Laura Martinez states social media has been crucial in spreading the word about all of their causes. She says it’s a quick way to contact large numbers of people at once and through venues like Twitter when something gets retweeted, all of their followers will see it. The hardest thing is getting creative to catch people’s attention Laura mentions. This photo challenge is a perfect example of becoming creative with already existing social media trends to benefit organizations.

photo 4

(Instagram photo challenge post from Laura Martines and Manuel Martinez)

These post all included instructed hashtags that would make it very easy for anyone to find individual photos of the challenge that were unique stories on why an immigration reform is of imprtance to them. The post also had state representatives tagged in them, forcing them to become aware of the issues, the stories and the demand for an immigration reform vote.

Mi Familia Vota wants to see an immigration reform this year. Without it, 11 million undocumented immigrants will continue hiding in the shadows. This country is losing valuable benefits from not passing a reform and families are being torn apart on a daily basis, was the main concern of Mi Familia Vota.

Mi Familia Vota became creative to not only gain attention and make a community involved in a major latino issue such as an immigration reform but also learned to make their voices louder through social media. These challenges and the participating social media users helped make the demanded vote a bit more aware to their state representatives.

-J. Diego Zarazua


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