President Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform After A Busy Week For Reno Immigration Activists

On last Thursday a group of University of Nevada students visited Congressman Mark Amodei’s office to speak with staff on the importance of supporting an immigration reform. They each presented strong points that narrated their personal and also career perspectives.

UNR Students At Congressmans Mark Amodei

Photo from MiFamiliaVota Facebook page.

A busy week for Mi Familia Vota who throughout the week visited Congressman Mark Amodie’s office with local business owners, families and students all in support of an immigration reform. Another successful activity took place over the weekend with the hosting of their Peace Walk For Immigration Reform to downtown Reno.

The following Facebook page served as a page to submit pictures by all participating walkers who started from different location in a peaceful walk that led them to the downtown Reno arch. The event page can be found on Facebook titled Peace Walk For Immigration Reform Photo Submission.


The walkers chanted and held banners that all spoke loudly about the support for an immigration reform to benefit the 11 million immigrants. Immigrants whose families should not be tore apart and are hoping for an opportunity to keep educating their children and continue to be part of society and a constant role in U.S. economy.


Photo from UNR Latino Student Advisory Board

Different  local organizations formed groups to embody the numerous supporters who became peace walkers for one cause on Saturday November 23rd, 2013.

The dedication of all these organization to get congress to see the importance and necessity of an immigration reform now has been consistent for so long now that the every bit of progress is rejoiced when making more and more people aware of the unity needed in a community to promote such reform.


President Obama spoke today in San Fransisco were a UC Berkeley Grad student, Ju Hong,  interrupted the president’s speech to ask for a concrete answer on an immigration reform. The president made sure his secret service allowed the men to stay and he redirected his speech to answer the question of the notable 24 year heckler.

“What I’m proposing is the harder path. Which is: to use our democratic processes to achieve the same goal you want to achieve, but it wont be as easy as just shouting. It requires us as a lobby in getting it done.” said president Obama.

 View Video Here

The president feels this issue should net be left for another generation to solve asking congress to pass a common-sense immigration reform.

“If we don’t tackle this now. Then we are undercutting our own future” said President Obama.


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