Opinion: ‘USA v Mexico’ frat party a big mistake

Fraternities play such a big part in University clubs and organization activites, where is the school involvement in fraternity events?
-J. Diego Zarazua

NBC Latino

This is one party you should be glad you missed. The Kappa Alpha fraternity at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia is in trouble for recently throwing a “USA vs. Mexico” party. Many fraternity members and guests donned sombreros, large fake mustaches, and border patrol costumes to get in the spirit of the event. Local station NBC12 reported on the party, which allegedly included a drinking game in which students playing “Americans” tried to catch other students portraying “illegal immigrants.”

It is unfortunate as well as offensive that such incidents continue to occur at colleges and universities. These ill-advised events reflect poorly on everyone involved, from the students to their fraternities to their schools.

On their Facebook page, Kappa Alpha’s profile proclaims, “We are gentlemen of HONOR. Do you have what it takes?” This is a question that the fraternity members should perhaps ask themselves. “Men of honor” do not…

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