Frida Kahlo, “Her Photos” at The Nevada Museum of Art


The Nevada Museum of Art is is holding an exposition of the international renown Frida Kahlo titled “Her Photos.”

photo 1(11)

Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, known for her iconic biographic paintings had much more to reveal and this exposition get that much more personal.

This gallery is a collection of some of the more than 6,500 personal photographs and items that belonged to her and her husband/artist Diego Rivera. After Kahlo’s death in 1954 these photos were put into storage.

photo 3(9) photo 2(9)

After more than half a century from having this collection of personal memorabilia hidden from the public it now  comes to Reno, Nevada. The exposition that reveals a side of Frida Kahlo that was little-known will run through February 16th.

Amanda Horn, director of communications , of the Nevada Museum of Art lets us know every second Saturday of the month is free admission to all families and extends an invitation to the local community.


-J. Diego Zarazua


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