Jorge Ramos Speaks Latino Issues On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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Jorge Ramos on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Click the above link to watch full interview.

Jorge Ramos was the guest of Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central this past Thursday, December fifth. Jorge Ramos surprised his audience with a comical side  during the interview with Jon Stewart who is recognized for his humorous and witty ways of news delivery. They spoke about the now roles of Ramos from being lead anchor for Spanish television channel Univision where he also has his weekend political show “Al Punto.” Jorge Ramos now also anchors the show “America” on the new Univision-ABC collaborated channel, Fusion, that targets an audience of millennials, especially the Latino youth.

Ramos has been part of Univision for 30 years and in his interview he spoke of the dramatic differences he sees in the importance of Latinos in politics from his journalistic experiences. With a current Hispanic Population of 55 million in the U.S. Ramos makes analytic judgements of what is needed to gain the vote of this growing community.

“One-third of the Hispanic votes are needed to get into the White House” said Jorge Ramos.

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Ramos expanded his argument by saying former President Bush was the first to attempt to speak Spanish and campaign to earn the Hispanic vote, earning him 40% of Hispanic votes and making him president. President Obama won over his Hispanic votes with promises but now, now the Hispanic community is ready to see more than promises. With that said it is without doubt that the next presidential candidates will have to do much more than promises and campaigning ads in Spanish to win the necessary vote of the Hispanic community of 55 million in the U.S.

“The Declaration is clear, All Men Are Created Equal, but their are 11 million who are not being treated equal” said Jorge Ramos.

Eleven million immigrants who wait for the promises of President Obama on an immigration reform are those unequally treated men Ramos spoke about. While President Obama continues the efforts to get in agreement on an immigration reform, several years after promised, he is also the U.S. President that in his time has deported more immigrants than ever before. A total of 20 million plus undocumented people who have been torn away from their families. Government officials state these deportation have all been people with criminal records yet records show otherwise.

More than an immigration reform, the next presidential candidate with have to earn the trust on the Hispanic community in order to win their vote according to Ramos. He also strongly felt presidential candidates of Hispanic decent are present and one may just be the soon president of  the United States.

J. Diego Zarazua



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