The UNR Latino Student Advisory Board meet to plan upcoming cultural events

Latino Student Advisory Board at UNR meet to plan.

The University of Nevada Reno Latino Student Advisory Board met to plan upcoming events. These events will celebrate cultural diversity as the board represents its Latino culture. Some upcoming events include UNR Night of All Nations October 4th and La Bienvenida October 10th.

LSAB states its mission as the following:

“The purpose of our organization is to contribute to the betterment of the Latino community. We aim to unite University faculty, administration, staff members, students, and community leaders to incorporate our ideas and/or suggestions into policy making at our University, state and national level for the empowerment and advancement of the Latino community through public outreach, academic excellence, and civic engagement.”

Clearly a busy organization with many goals in mind but all with the common interest of Latino involvement to better its community. With out doubt the upcoming events seem promising and full of culture and Latino representation.

– J. Diego Zarazua