President Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform After A Busy Week For Reno Immigration Activists

On last Thursday a group of University of Nevada students visited Congressman Mark Amodei’s office to speak with staff on the importance of supporting an immigration reform. They each presented strong points that narrated their personal and also career perspectives.

UNR Students At Congressmans Mark Amodei

Photo from MiFamiliaVota Facebook page.

A busy week for Mi Familia Vota who throughout the week visited Congressman Mark Amodie’s office with local business owners, families and students all in support of an immigration reform. Another successful activity took place over the weekend with the hosting of their Peace Walk For Immigration Reform to downtown Reno.

The following Facebook page served as a page to submit pictures by all participating walkers who started from different location in a peaceful walk that led them to the downtown Reno arch. The event page can be found on Facebook titled Peace Walk For Immigration Reform Photo Submission.


The walkers chanted and held banners that all spoke loudly about the support for an immigration reform to benefit the 11 million immigrants. Immigrants whose families should not be tore apart and are hoping for an opportunity to keep educating their children and continue to be part of society and a constant role in U.S. economy.


Photo from UNR Latino Student Advisory Board

Different  local organizations formed groups to embody the numerous supporters who became peace walkers for one cause on Saturday November 23rd, 2013.

The dedication of all these organization to get congress to see the importance and necessity of an immigration reform now has been consistent for so long now that the every bit of progress is rejoiced when making more and more people aware of the unity needed in a community to promote such reform.


President Obama spoke today in San Fransisco were a UC Berkeley Grad student, Ju Hong,  interrupted the president’s speech to ask for a concrete answer on an immigration reform. The president made sure his secret service allowed the men to stay and he redirected his speech to answer the question of the notable 24 year heckler.

“What I’m proposing is the harder path. Which is: to use our democratic processes to achieve the same goal you want to achieve, but it wont be as easy as just shouting. It requires us as a lobby in getting it done.” said president Obama.

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The president feels this issue should net be left for another generation to solve asking congress to pass a common-sense immigration reform.

“If we don’t tackle this now. Then we are undercutting our own future” said President Obama.


Social Media Trends Help Local Immigration Reform Organizations

photo 1

The social media trend of photo challenges gave local organization, who strives for community involvement in Latino issues, a great idea to promote  immigration reform votes.

The idea originally came from Leo Murrieta,  Nevada State Director for Mi Familia Vota. The state team as a whole created the different challenge days  and worked on the picture that would be widespread on social media

“A photo challenge is something really easy for everyone to get involved in,” said Laura Martinez, Northern Nevada Coordinator for Mi Familia Vota.  “People post pictures on a daily basis either way, so why not give it a purpose? It takes less than 2 minutes to take a picture, post it, add some hashtags and call it a day.”

photo 3

(MiFamilliaVotaNV instagram photo)

Post like the above made part of the photo challenge in attempts to engage followers on the importance of immigration reform issues. Photo challenges included: What you love about America, what you would change, your town, your family, your congress representative and finally a picture calling the state representative asking for a vote on immigration reform.

Laura Martinez states social media has been crucial in spreading the word about all of their causes. She says it’s a quick way to contact large numbers of people at once and through venues like Twitter when something gets retweeted, all of their followers will see it. The hardest thing is getting creative to catch people’s attention Laura mentions. This photo challenge is a perfect example of becoming creative with already existing social media trends to benefit organizations.

photo 4

(Instagram photo challenge post from Laura Martines and Manuel Martinez)

These post all included instructed hashtags that would make it very easy for anyone to find individual photos of the challenge that were unique stories on why an immigration reform is of imprtance to them. The post also had state representatives tagged in them, forcing them to become aware of the issues, the stories and the demand for an immigration reform vote.

Mi Familia Vota wants to see an immigration reform this year. Without it, 11 million undocumented immigrants will continue hiding in the shadows. This country is losing valuable benefits from not passing a reform and families are being torn apart on a daily basis, was the main concern of Mi Familia Vota.

Mi Familia Vota became creative to not only gain attention and make a community involved in a major latino issue such as an immigration reform but also learned to make their voices louder through social media. These challenges and the participating social media users helped make the demanded vote a bit more aware to their state representatives.

-J. Diego Zarazua

Univision-ABC Channel Fusion Launches With The Initial Target Of Young Latinos

Univision is the nation’s largest Spanish-language media company. Company that decided on creating a channel delivering content to second- and third-generation Latinos whose first language is English earlier this year. This partnered with ABC who is owned by The Walt Disney Co.


ABC and Univision announced the name of their joint venture that would provide English-language news programming as “Fusion.”President Isaac Lee of Univision News said Fusion would bring together diverse cultures and give Latinos a voice in the American conversation. The network launched two week ago. Five major cable distributors  carry the channel along with AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber  making it available in millions of households nationwide.

Univision News anchor Jorge Ramos began the launch of Fusion with his show “America” om Monday October 28 at 6:57 p.m. Ramos said “we want to be in the future, and this generation is the future.” He referred to the the millennial generation, those roughly between the ages 18-34, who are the new aim of Fusion with a dominant strive for Latinos.

Issac Lee, president of Univision News  and now chief executive of Fusion stated that 20% of millennials are Latinos but while they researched the target audience for this new venture they saw that the opportunity was not just with Hispanics but with millennials.

The channel is aware that young viewers have the internet as their main source of breaking news. Fusion wants to bring humor and young energetic shows that make millennials aware of current issues and issues that apply to them.

With four million followers on the Fusion’s web page prior to its channel launch a large growth is expected as Fusion reaches all its targeted millenials.

By J. Diego Zarazua




Aleo Blacc is inspired by 11 million stories; stories of immigrants in America.

Singer-song writer Aloe Blacc, well known through Europe, shows his support to an immigration reform with his music. Inspired by the 11 million stories of immigrants in the United Sates he brings a known song full of meaning and a video depicting their stories.

Raised in Orange County in Southern California with a Panamanian heritage the California born signer-songwriter took his music to Europe. From being in the indie hip-hop scene in high school his single “I Need a Dollar” became international Top 10 platinum-selling single across the continent in 2010. Which is now the theme song to the HBO series How To Make it In America.

Aleo Blacc quotes “I’m really interested in creating music that can influence positive social change,” on his website’s biography page.

The purpose of his music can me viewed clearly in the new video “Wake Me Up” where most of the used actors depict their life stories. Stories of the 11 million immigrants in the U.S. who struggle for an immigration reform by the U.S. government. From those who struggle to find work on a daily basis on day labor street in Los Angeles to those young students born in the U.S. and deported along with their parents. The video narrates closely the life of Hareth Andrade who protests to help stop her fathers deportation.

Aleo Blacc’s over of the popular “Wake Me Up” song by Avicci has become a visual representation of the struggle in lives of those who currently fight of an immigration reform, a hot topic in today’s politics.

Connect with Aleo Blacc

– J. Diego Zarazua

He was aiming “at my chest”: middle school student recalls Nevada shooting

Local Latino student, Jose Cazares, from Sparks Middle School speaks to NBC TODAY this morning on how close he came to death in yesterdays morning school shooting. Him and his mother speak of the gratitud they have for math teacher, Mike Landsberry, and his heroic attempt to stop the shooter inorder to protect the students.

NBC Latino

Sparks, Nev. middle-schooler Jose Cazares and his mom, Marisela are “forever grateful” for a hero teacher they say saved the boy’s life Monday.

A young student opened fire on the school’s basketball court Monday, shooting and killing math teacher Mike Landsberry and wounding two students before taking his own life.

Teacher Michael Landsberry was killed when he confronted the young shooter at Sparks Middle School Monday.

“I was hanging out with my friends, and then we heard a loud gunshot and we thought it was firecrackers,” Jose Cazares told Matt Lauer on TODAY Tuesday as he recounted the chaos of the scene. “So then we looked back toward where we saw the noise, and we saw the kid pull out his gun and shoot the kid in the arm, so then they started running and I froze because he was aiming his gun right at my chest. And I looked…

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UNR’s Club de Español Presents Ballet Folklórico Quetzalen

The Spanish Club of the University of Nevada, Reno focuses on providing Spanish education and fun fill opportunities outside of the classroom to all students.

The Club promotes the excellence in learning, as well as in relationships and good will among all people interested in the language, literature and cultures.

Fiesta Folklorica was a celebration that concluded the National Hispanic Heritage month with dance performances, music and identity. A color-filled musical performance by the invited guest from Sonoma, California Ballet Folklorico Quetzalen.

-J. Diego Zarazua